Keepsake Collector - we are a secondary market of keepsakes.

keep·sake /ˈkēpˌsāk/ (noun) - small item kept in memory of the person who gave it or originally owned it.

col·lec·tor/kəˈlektər/ (noun) - a person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby.

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  • Box Condition

    (1) Mint: New/Like new - appears to be right off the shelf

    (2) Slightly Damaged: Dinged corner, small indention on box, box does not shut properly

    (3) Damaged: Box is torn, heavy indentions, box is scratched/marked on, etc.

    ALL ornaments are inspected prior to shipping. You are seeing the actual item you are purchasing - no surprises!

  • Shipping

    All items are shipped within 3 business days. Shipping includes tracking and insurance. WE ARE GREEN! Items are shipping in sturdy, clean boxes which may have been previously enjoyed.

    Purchases over $200 will require signature to protect us both.

    Sorry- no international shipping at this time due to shipping delays.

  • Our Store

    We love Christmas! We love ornaments and gifts! We are a SECONDARY market (not in any way affiliated with any of the following or branches) of Hallmark Ornaments, Painted Ponies ornaments and figurines, comic con and Harry Potter gifts!